Sunless Spray Tanning in Vallejo

La Lumiere

Tanning Salon

Competition Tanning Package....$110

(payment by credit card will be needed at time of scheduling appointment)

Package will include:

2 sessions 

2-3 coats of competition spray tan will be applied during each session.

Prep for Spray Tanning.....

Before Tanning Session:

* Exfoliate full body entire week of the show. Paying close attention to drier areas such as knees, elbows, ankles and chest.

Using a body scrub, loofah or skin brush daily leading up to competition day.

*Shave all body hair 1-2 days prior to show

(not the day of the show)

If waxing or using hair removal products, do so 2-3 days prior to show. These should not be used the day of spray tan.

**You can NOT shower or shave after tan is applied

*All nail, pedicure and hair appointments should be done 2-3 days prior to show.

Day of  Spray Tan:

(First Session)

*Shower and Exfoliate entire body.

 Do NOT use any type of body scrub, body wash, Dove soap, Shave  creams, or moistrzers.  Clean fresh skin absorbs the tan solution best and dries quicker.

(Second Session)

*Warm Rinse (12 Hours After Session) Do NOT use any type of body scrub, body wash, or soap.

This will be your last shower until after your show!!!

*Do Not shave again the day of the show.

*Do Not use any moisturizer, deodorant or perfumes.

*No jewelry

*Hair should be dry and secured with hair tie/clips

*Wear loose baggy shirt and pants or loose dress. Dark colored. Draw string is best, not elastic, zippers or buttons. A little as possible. Flip flops, (no shoes and socks)

*Do Not wear competition attire for spray tan.

Men should wear briefs/thong smaller than competition wear.

Women  should spray unclothed or small bikini (smaller than competition suit)

*Spray session will take about 30 minutes and another 15 for drying time.

*Once your spray tan is compete you need to be extremely careful with any contact of water, sweating, holding small children, anything rubbing tightly on your body. If spraying the night before the competition try not to sleep with too many layers over you.